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Sitz Bath – Postpartum Blend $14

Sitz Bath - Postpartum Blend $14

A new momma’s body has worked very hard to bring her child earthside, and this often leaves her bottom feeling sore and tender. She can support her healing process by taking time for self care and soaking in this shallow bath. These beautiful herbs may be used as soon as momma wants, as they don’t interfere with stiches or sutures. The same preparation may be used for “padsicles”, and in a peri-bottle. Brewing the bath ahead of time or during early labor makes for a fun birth preparation activity. Add a cup of Epsom salt for added relief to sore muscles.

  • appropriate for tears, episiotomies, and stitches
  • can be prepared ahead of time
  • naturally supports healing of tender perineums

Lavender, lemon balm leaf and calendula are anti-bacterial herbs, helping the body destroy and resist pathogenic microorganisms. Calendula is also an immuno-stimulant and promotes the production of collagen and reduces scarring. Yarrow and Rosemary both have antiseptic properties, and work to reduce infection in tender skin and tissue. Not only do lavender and white sage smell wonderful, they also produce an analgesic (pain reduction) effect. Shepard’s purse is an astringent and will aid in the binding/healing of surface tissue such as skin and mucous membranes. Yarrow, plantain leaf and comfrey leaf are emollients, so they soften, soothe and protect the skin. Adding a cup of Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) will provide added relief to sore muscles.

Baby’s 1st Herbal Bath $7

Baby's 1st Herbal Bath, for pregnancy & postpartum $7

Your brand new baby’s skin is so sensitive during the first days of life, and this herbal blend has been carefully chosen to respect that delicateness. It may be used any time after delivery, and is especially lovely as momma and baby’s first bath together. It will not hurt the baby’s umbilical cord. Some momma’s choose to wait until the umbilical cord has completely healed to give their baby his very own first bath.

Chamomile, lavender, and calendula are anti-bacterial herbs, helping the body destroy or resist pathogenic microorganisms. Chamomile also has anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties. Calendula is an immuno-stimulant and promotes the production of collagen and reduces scarring. Not only does lavender smell wonderful, it also produces an analgesic (pain reduction) effect. Yarrow is an emollient, so it softens, soothes and protects the skin. These medicinal properties may also relieve baby acne symptoms common in newborns.

  • safe for newborns
  • appropriate for both pregnancy & after baby is born
  • beautiful addition to early bonding

Yoni Steam Bath $14

Yoni Steam Bath - Postpartum Blend $14

Instructions: Bring 5 cups of water to boil, add herbs, boil for 10  minutes, then cover and let steep an additional 10 minutes. Transfer immediately to a metal or ceramic bowl and place under steam stool or chair. You may also squat or kneel over the bowl if an adequate seat is unavailable. Wear a long skirt (no undies) to tent over the bowl and capture the steam, cover yourself with a warm blanket, and steam for up to 20 minutes. It is recommended to use this time to pray or meditate, then lay down for an hour afterwards. HERE for more details.


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