Placenta Encapsulation

Encapsulating your placenta can be a great addition to your postpartum healing and recovery. It’s benefits include and are not limited to:

  • prevention or lessening of postpartum depression by balancing hormones
  • replenishing lost nutrients such as iron and B vitamins
  • balancing of endocrine and circulatory systems
  • increasing energy and pain relief
  • shortening postpartum bleeding
  • promoting uterine involution
  • relieving stress and promoting feelings of well-being


PE package



Traditional Chinese Medicine Method inspired ~ $300 ~

The Traditional Chinese Medicine Method (also known as “warm processed”) is the most popular encapsulation method in modern times. The belief is that a woman’s body is cooled significantly during the process of birth and benefits from the warming properties of the steamed placenta and herbs. This is also the recommended method if you are undecided on which option may be right for you, or if your placenta has been frozen for any length of time.

placenta pills

This method of preparing the placenta for encapsulation involves steaming the placenta gently with herbs. I use ginger and lemon and can add cayenne pepper if requested. Putting the herbs in the steaming process is believed to bring out the placenta’s natural healing properties. Lemon is thought of as an antiseptic and helps to distribute the placenta throughout the body. Cayenne and ginger are warming herbs and thought to lend their properties to the placenta. The ginger specifically acts as a facilitator for energy and good blood flow. TCM is believed to have toning, healing, and warming properties.

Since TCM is most associated with warming, it is recommended to avoid when your body is “heated” from an infection such as mastitis, flu, or other illness resulting in a fever. Mommas are advised to replace the pills with their tincture until they are fully recovered from being ill.

Raw Method ~ $300 ~

The Raw Method (also known as “cold processed” or “high yield”) is the preferred method of mommas that adhere to a raw diet. This option skips the steaming process all together and is set for dehydration while still “raw”. The belief is also held that TCM breaks down some of the nutrients and hormones during the steaming process. The Raw Method preserves those properties and often results in a higher yield of placenta pills. This may be combined with TCM method so that half Raw and half TCM are received. A great benefit to this is the burst of energy from the Raw, but also having the long term toning benefit from TCM. Mothers that may especially benefit from Raw encapsulation are those that had long labors, postpartum hemorrhaging (or a history of it), or a desire for immediate postpartum energy.

placenta pills

Please note that the Broth will NOT be available as an Add On with this option.

This option is only offered if the placenta is acquired and able to be processed within 48 hours after birth to ensure freshness and safety standards.

Smoothie Preparation ONLY ~ $150 ~

Completely raw and unprocessed placenta divided into portions and frozen for easy blending into smoothies. Amount yielded will depend on the size of the placenta. This preparation is rising in popularity due to the completely natural state of the placenta and no lost nutrients from steaming or dehydration. It also works rapidly as a remedy for stemming postpartum bleeding along with all the standard placenta benefits of replacing hormones, iron, and other nutrients lost (at a reportedly faster rate, too!).  Add it to your favorite smoothie recipe or I can provide a few simple recipe suggestions to get you started, there is no noticeable taste of placenta.All pieces will be individually prepared, wrapped, and stored for easy use.

Please note that the Broth and Healing Placenta Salve will NOT be available as Add On’s with this option.

This option is only offered if the placenta is acquired and able to be processed within 48 hours after birth to ensure freshness and safety standards.


Tincture, 4 oz ~ $35 {2 for $50} ~

A Placenta Tincture is another great option to compliment Placenta Capsules. It is made from a small piece of the raw, unprocessed placenta and 100-150 proof liquor. Tinctures are mostly relied on for energy, transition, stress, anxiety, and general hormone stabilization. It may help regulate returning menstrual cycles, menopause, and even puberty. It has an almost indefinite shelf life if stored properly, and the biological mother and daughter of the birthing momma may also benefit from the tincture. It comes stored in a light resistant dropper bottle.


Placenta Tinctures may also be made from placenta capsules. It can be a great way to use up previously encapsulated pills. Preserve them in space saving tincture form. 8 placenta pills are needed per 4 oz tincture.

Smoothie Preparation for ONE WEEK  ~ $35 ~

Completely raw and unprocessed placenta divided into 14 portions and frozen for easy blending into smoothies. This yields enough for two smoothies a day for the first week postpartum.

This option is only offered if the placenta is acquired and able to be processed within 48 hours after birth to ensure freshness and safety standards.

Broth ~ $15 ~

Placenta Broth is the leftover goody from the Traditional Chinese Method. The lemon and ginger liquid is strained and jarred for consumption. It tastes like herbal tea and is infused with any extra nutrients that may have been lost during the steaming process. You can drink it as is, or add it to your favorite herbal tea and enjoy the healing qualities of this warm, energizing liquid.

This is only available with TCM Encapsulation and must remain refrigerated.

Healing Placenta Salve, 4 oz tin ~ $25 8 oz jar ~ $40 ~

The placenta salve has many uses. It is used to heal Cesarean section incision after the wound is closed and lessen scarring, itching and discomfort. The salve can also be used as soon as 3 days postpartum for hemorrhoids, perennial tearing, burns, diaper rash, eczema, sun burns and skin irritations. It is safe for your baby as long as the baby has no skin allergies.

This beautiful salve utilizes the soothing properties of coconut and Shea butter, as well as the healing benefits of several herbs. The addition of placenta super charges this silky salve.

Please contact me with any allergy concerns.

Healing Salve, 1/2 oz tin ~ $5 ~ 4 oz tin ~ $25 ~ 8 oz jar ~ $40 ~

A “sans placenta” version of the above salve. Again, it utilizes the soothing properties of coconut and shea butter, as well as the healing benefits of several herbs. Lavender may be added to this salve for an additional $5 (excludes 1/2 oz tin).

Please contact me with any allergy concerns.

Print & Cord Keepsakes ~ FREE with Encapsulation ~

 Placenta Prints and Cord Keepsakes are a fun way to honor the amazing organ that sustained the life of your baby for nine months. Prints are made with blood from the placenta on archival paper and are laminated. Cord Keepsakes are fully dehydrated into a heart, spiral, or “love. Unless a specific shape is requested, I will use my best judgement and choose one based on length of the cord.

10444448_1495181044103024_589026921264691193_n placenta print








Placenta Encapsulation has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Momma Ruthii not a medical body, and the services provided are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any physical or mental conditions, ailments, or symptoms in pregnancy, birth, or postpartum.  Families that choose to utilize the services on this page take full responsibility and are encouraged to research these remedies before choosing to consume their placenta.

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