Postpartum Doula Care

Mom & Baby Care ~ $200 ~ North County San Diego & Temecula ~

Since I am in the throes of raising my own very young family, I am taking a break from traditional long-term postpartum doula support. However, I am offering a one day “Mom & Baby Care” option. I will come to your home for 5 hours to help address any questions or difficulties you may be having adjusting to life with a new baby. This includes breastfeeding support and education, diapering (including cloth), burping, clothes changing, babywearing, safe bed-sharing/co-sleeping, helping dad and/or older siblings adjust, basic meal planning, and how to generate support from those around mom, as well as basic “mom care”, etc.


It is highly recommended to take advantage of this as close to mom and baby coming home from their birth as possible, although any time you feel the need for support within the first 1-3 months postpartum is also appropriate. It is also highly recommended that dad and any other vital support person that will be involved long term with your baby’s care be present. This fosters clear communication for mom’s desires within her immediate support system.

Additional travel fee for areas outside North County & Temecula.

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