Lactation Support


Home Consultations ~ $60 {follow up in-home consultation $40} ~

This is a one to two hour consultation in the comfort of your own home. Remember all that stuff that the nurses and lactation consultants told you to do and not do when you were at the hospital? Or perhaps you remember what you were told, but have no idea how to actually implement this new knowledge in your own home. Or perhaps you are doing everything to the best of your ability and knowledge, but still find yourself struggling to hit your nursing stride. Nipple pain or trauma, a fussy baby, or stress finding the right nighttime nursing solution for you and your family all may warrant a home visit from a lactation consultant. The home consultation includes hands on education, problem solving, and a plan of care to help the new mom to feel at ease with breastfeeding and ultimately thrive.

Contact Ruthii or call (760)215-0293 to schedule a home consult.

Private Prenatal Breastfeeding Class ~ $60 per couple {$45 per couple if 3 or more couples participate} ~

So much focus and emphasis is put on the actual birth of a baby that breastfeeding education is often forgotten. While energy should be rightly put into making the best birth decisions possible, it is a short (albeit highly important) part of becoming a momma. Even a “long” birth is only a couple days. Breastfeeding is a much longer term investment, going for weeks, months, even years. Many women think, “woman has been breastfeeding since the dawn of time, you just pop ’em on and it works perfectly, right?” Not always. Our modern culture does not openly breastfeed. The women of the past grew up seeing breastfeeding on a regular basis, so that when it came time for them to breastfeed it was already a familiar thing. All the women around her would have also been able to lend knowledgable support.

This three hour Prenatal Breastfeeding Class focuses on how your decisions during labor and delivery may effect your early breastfeeding relationship in the comfort of your own home. How things should be is learned so that when something is not right mom has the heads up to seek help. Several scenarios are covered so that mom and dad are equipped to succeed right out of the gate. That’s right, “dad”! You need to come to this class too! Despite what popular culture says, you are VERY important and integral to mom’s breastfeeding success. Other topics covered include the benefits of breastfeeding, proper latch technique, basic trouble shooting to common breastfeeding challenges, introducing a bottle, formula philosophy, safely nursing in bed, and well as touching on topics such as breastfeeding in public, dad’s role in breastfeeding, and defusing breastfeeding myths of the past.

Please contact Ruthii to schedule. For group classes, go here.

Private Going Back to Work & Pumping Class ~ $50~

This class is for the momma’s that are getting ready to return to the work place, or are desiring to pump for other reasons. Want to have pumping strategies firmly in place and thought out so that when you make that leap back into the workplace you aren’t trying to figure out this pumping thing on the fly? How much milk should you have pumped per day for your baby? Have a work situation that is not set up for the breastfeeding/pumping mom? This will help educate you on your rights in the state of California so that you can properly and effectively advocate for yourself in the workplace. Other topics include proper milk storage in the workplace, equipment cleaning,  maintaining supply, longer term milk storage, and “paced feeding” your baby with a bottle.

Please contact Ruthii to schedule.

Birth Workers ~ contact Ruthii for group discounts to guest speak with your clients ~


Ruthii is incredibly passionate about breastfeeding. She breastfed her first baby for 19 months and her second till 22 months. She is also fully certified as a Clinical Lactation Specialist through Grow Our Own, Loma Linda. You can read her breastfeeding story here at The Painted Oven's webpage.

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