Belly Binding

Belly binding is the perfect gift for a newly postpartum momma. During pregnancy, our bodies are naturally loosening and separating. Everything from bones to our very muscles relax to allow our baby to pass through and be born. Many of us have heard of “abdominal separation” or “diastasis recti”, which is a normal result of our abdomens stretching very quickly in a relatively short amount of time. Our bodies are actively wanting to heal that separation down the middle of our tummies in the weeks following birth, but many of us are unaware that this is even a thing, return to our normal lives sooner than we should, and end up making it worse. Belly binding is a way to help hold our diaphragm together, giving it a chance to properly heal. With a supported tummy, you will even be able to take deeper breaths, which is central to how we feel. Our lungs have no muscles of their own, it is our diaphragm that allows us to bring air into and out of our lungs. By supporting this core muscle, we are supporting the whole flow of your body.

This is my favorite postpartum service for the first days after giving birth. Both elastic bandage and bengkung binding are a fantastic way to support mom not only physically, but also emotionally. In the weeks following birth, momma can feel overly “open” and vulnerable. Binding has a strangely grounding effect, which I like to compare to a constant hug. I myself still use my bengkung binding when I’m feeling particularly emotional or unbalanced. Or when I’m rearranging furniture, haha!

Elastic Bandage Binding ~ $90 ~

Elastic bandages are liken to giant ace bandages, and are ideal for the first weeks after birth as they are gentler and have less of a learning curve. I also love that momma can’t do it by herself, that someone else has to do the actual binding. It’s such an act of love to have someone give your womb space a gentle rub and binding after something as momentous as birthing a person. I especially adore teaching the new daddy, as I think it’s a fantastic way to break that touch barrier that many of us silently put up around our postpartum bellies. It’s a lovely way for her chosen partner to honor the journey her body has been through. Each Elastic Bandage Binding comes with a 4 oz bottle of Momma Ruthii’s handcrafted Warming Belly Oil and 4 elastic bandages and includes in-home teaching . Each bandage is good for 3-5 days, or until the elastic goes dead. Add a Bone Closing Ceremony for $30 for the perfect pairing.

Bengkung Binding ~ $120 ~

The bengkung binding is a little more intensive and takes some patience in the beginning. However, unlike the elastic bandages, momma can wrap herself without needing help. The bengkung binding will also last indefinitely, as they are made from 100% cotton batik fabric and are washable. They are also really pretty 😉 Add a Bone Closing Ceremony for $30 for the perfect pairing.

Elastic Bandage + Bengkung Binding Package ~ $190 ~

Combining the two binding services saves you $20! This includes TWO home visits, TWO bottles of Warming Belly Oil, four elastic bandages, and a bengkung binding.

Bengkung Warming Panel ~ $20~

This 100% cotton panel offers a barrier between your oiled up womb space and the bengkung binding, meaning you don’t have to wash the actual binding as often. The pattern on the ties is random and may or may not match the bengkung binding.

Warming Belly Oil ~ $16 ~

Additional 4 oz bottle of hand crafted warming belly oil. To be used in conjunction with belly binding.

contains organic ingredients: extra virgin olive oil, calendula, epazote, mugwort, rosemary, yarrow

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