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Bone Closing

Bone Closing ~ $50 ~

Bone Closing add-on ~ $40 ~

Hot Stone Abdominal Press ~ $25 ~


Yoni Steam Bath

Yoni Steam Bath ~ $50 ~

Yoni Steam add-on ~ $40 ~

Commonly known as vaginal steam baths, a more appropriate name would be yoni steam bath since it’s benefits go far beyond the vagina. These steam baths are incredibly healing to the perineum, uterus, and overall reproductive system. Women suffering from yeast, bacterial vaginosis, spasms, fibroids, painful menstruations, irregular menstruation, and fertility issues can greatly benefit from a vaginal and womb space steam bath. Steam baths penetrate and gently clean without spreading bacteria further through the reproductive system (like douching tends to do). The 10 herbs used promote blood circulation and oxygenation to the reproductive system, bring warmth back into the uterus, assist with proper PH balance, repair damaged tissues, and help break down scar tissue.

While contraindicated during pregnancy, this is a wonderful healing remedy for the postpartum mother. A new mother should wait until her bleeding has completely stopped and her sutures have completely healed before doing her first postpartum steam bath.


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